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When religions were created by politics.
When what’s said in Bible was designed for just some political issues.
When they’re looking for the validity of belief, of God.
To whom you’ve been praying all this time?
How far you want to know about it?
How far do people wanna prove that God really existed or not?
How much you can accept it?
How far that your heart and your mind can accept it?

For me, God is something that i use to keep alive. To feel that i have something that i can believe, i can rely on anytime anywhere. God is like the backbones of my life. My religion is just one way from so many ways to get happiness in my life. Happiness of myself, and for myself.
I can’t survive without Him. But i think religion is something that doesn’t have to fit the science. Religion is something that you feels right, with your heart, not your mind. It doesn’t have to be valid. It doesn’t have to be logical. It’s a BELIEF. It’s something that fulfil your life, your happiness.


unbelievable sculpture!(unknown artist)


unbelievable sculpture!(unknown artist)

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Ibiza Silk Wrap Dress on We Heart It.

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